Following are some of the most commonly encountered medical conditions we treat. 

1. STI Screening

2 Telehealth Consult

3. Genital Herpes 

4. Urogenital Infections other than STIs

5. Erectile Dysfunction

6. Contraception 

What we offer

STI Screening & Treatment

Request a STI Screen without leaving your home and receive your results discreetly

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Telehealth Consult

Our virtual consultations offer a safe and confidential space to discuss your sexual health concerns with an expert physician

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Genital Herpes

We offer prompt testing & treatment of genital herpes to avoid prolonged infections & complictations

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Urogenital Infections other than STIs

We offer comprehensive treatment for Bacterial Vagniosis (BV), candidal / fungal infection, UTIs, balanitis, epididymitis & prostatitis

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Erectile Dysfunction

ED has become increasingly prevalent and affects 2/5 men at some point in their life. Let our experts help you overcome ED

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Let us help you explore the right contraception choice for you

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All consultations incur a charge of $45 AUD which is paid via Debit / Credit Card or PayPal at the time of booking. The service fee is $55 AUD on all major public holidays.

Please note that TeleDoc® is privately operated and as such our services are not covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). We try to keep our consultation fee as minimum as possible so that everyone can benefit from our incredibly convenient service!


Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM (AEST - Brisbane Time)

Weekends & Public Holidays: 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM (AEST - Brisbane Time)