Welcome to STI Clinic Australia

Our virtual sexual health and STI Clinic is committed to providing compassionate & professional care to individuals nationwide. We believe that sexual well-being is a fundamental aspect of overall health and happiness, and it should be accessible to everyone. That is why we have created a confidential virtual safe space where you can take charge of your sexual health from the comfort of your own surroundings. With a team of experienced and highly qualified medical professionals, we take pride in delivering an extensive range of services that cater to all aspects of sexual health & well-being.

Our Mission: Break Barriers, Embrace Freedom

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to break down barriers and empower individuals on their journey to healthy living. We strive to revolutionise sexual health care by providing convenient virtual services that put you in control. We believe in creating a safe and non-judgemental environment where you can freely discuss your concerns and seek the help you need without hesitation.

We are Inclusive & Respect Your Privacy

Every individual's story is different, and we're here to celebrate that diversity. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, embracing every gender identity and sexual orientation. We understand the sensitivity of sexual health matters, which is why we prioritise discretion and privacy. Your personal information and consultations are kept strictly confidential in compliance with both the Australian Privacy Laws as well as Australian Medical Association's patient-doctor confidentiality mandate.

Join Our Virtual Community: Embrace Sexual Wellness

We invite you to be a part of our growing community where sexual wellness is celebrated, and support is just a click away. Whether you're seeking STI testing & treatment, contraceptive advice, or simply want to explore your sexual health options, we are always here for you.

What we offer

STI Screening & Treatment

Request a STI Screen without leaving your home and receive your results discreetly

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Telehealth Consult

Our virtual consultations offer a safe and confidential space to discuss your sexual health concerns with an expert physician

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Genital Herpes

We offer prompt testing & treatment of genital herpes to avoid prolonged infections & complictations

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Urogenital Infections other than STIs

We offer comprehensive treatment for Bacterial Vagniosis (BV), candidal / fungal infection, UTIs, balanitis, epididymitis & prostatitis

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Erectile Dysfunction

ED has become increasingly prevalent and affects 2/5 men at some point in their life. Let our experts help you overcome ED

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Let us help you explore the right contraception choice for you

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